The Umeå Region

An alliance for growth and a high quality of life

The Umeå Region is not only a geographical region, it is also an alliance that consists of the municipalities of Umeå, Bjurholm, Nordmaling, Robertsfors, Vindeln and Vännäs. The region, which has 142,000 inhabitants and 16,000 business enterprises, is one of Sweden's most vibrant growth regions.

These municipalities have a natural cohesion and take joint action to promote not only a high quality of life and community services but also a flourishing industrial sector and economic growth.

This co-operation has helped to improve the efficiency of municipal activities and to enable more effective use to be made of common resources in administration, tourism, education and business services.

The alliance also strengthens capacity by enabling the municipalities, by acting jointly, to offer services and facilities at lower cost.

The Umeå Region is one of Sweden's most vibrant growth regions. It is home to two universities, a dynamic business sector, and rich and varied cultural activities. The alliance and the exchange of ideas among its member municipalities give the inhabitants and local enterprises excellent opportunities to develop.

A stable network in alliance

The stable network, the shared vision and the close and wellestablished alliance make Umeå Region unique. Since the municipalities help each other, Umeå Region is also experiencing strong growth, for example via the formation of new enterprises.

The alliance is characterised by mutual confidence and an open dialogue that has eliminated boundaries and pooled resources. The regular exchange of experiences and expertise between local politicians and municipal officers generates added value for all concerned.

The Umeå Region is a functional region since many of its inhabitants find it quite natural to travel between municipalities to study, work or live. Every day 5,000 people commute within the region because it is such a pleasant place to live.

Introduction of refugees

One of the goals of the Umeå Region is to take joint action to improve the efficiency of local government administration. One area in which these six municipalities are taking joint measures is the introduction of refugees. This is being improved by the development of new types of regional co-operation that make the process more effective and make resources go further.

Developing tourism

There are two more main goals: to develop the Umeå Region and to ensure that the network enjoys democratic backing. The joint action being taken by the Umeå Region includes developing tourism, providing readier access to library services, and overcoming possible shortages of labour and skills in the six municipalities.

That's how one of Swedens most vibrant growth regions makes its alliance work.

The municipalities can provide service at lower cost

One goal is to improve the efficiency of local government administration

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